LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Terrell Rhodes, the man accused of killing 2-year-old Amari Nicholson, was due to be arraigned Monday but it was delayed.

Rhodes, 27, did not appear in court, and his arraignment was rescheduled for June 1.

He was also a no-show on Friday. 8 News Now was told that he is in quarantine, which is why he has not been in a courtroom.

Terrell Rhodes arrested for murder of missing toddler
Terrell Rhodes arrested for murder of missing toddler Amari Nicholson. Source: LVMPD

Aside from a murder charges, Rhodes also faces four new charges of resisting a public officer with a firearm and four charges of assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon.

Rhodes is currently being held in jail with no bail.

Amari Nicholson’s father and other family members showed up at the courthouse and say they are still grieving the loss of the little boy.

“We are here because we still need closure. We still want to make sure there is justice for Amari. We are coming from all over the country just to show him that Amari had options. He had people that cared about him. He did not have to go that way,” said Yolanda Everette, Amari’s aunt.

Members and supporters of Amari Nicholson’s family gathered outside the courthouse.

“We’ve tried in the past to make Amari part of our family,” shared Zak Hayes-Ramos, another one of Amari’s aunts. “We, for some reason, were denied that opportunity. We feel Amari was speaking to us this whole process.”

The family says funeral arrangements are not set at this time, but they want to say “thank you” to the Vegas community for their unwavering support.