LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Five children escaped with their grandmother through an apartment window as their mother bought time for them by staying with a kidnapper, according to an arrest report that contains accounts of a strange barricade situation that unfolded last week on West Tropicana Avenue.

Jamee Fontenot stayed in the kitchen of the apartment after a man with two fake guns — described by police as “replica revolvers” — came in uninvited as she was unloading groceries on the morning of July 16. The man forced the others into a bedroom in the apartment and kept Fontenot with him. “I’m sorry to have to do it like this,” the man said to Fontenot, telling her he needed help changing his clothes and keeping the others under control. He also demanded her keys so he could use her vehicle.

The man said he had robbed a store and tried to carjack a person. He said he was not going back to prison, according to the arrest report.

In less than 30 minutes, everyone had escaped the apartment, leaving the man alone as Metro police responded.

Hadari Stallworth, 25, faces charges including seven counts of kidnapping with a deadly weapon, five counts of child abuse/neglect with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary with a deadly weapon.

Stallworth was arrested and remains in custody in the Clark County Detention Center as he awaits an Aug. 4 preliminary hearing.

According to the arrest report, Stallworth said he had to change clothes because he had just robbed a store and he needed to get away.

Milana McClinton, Fontenot’s mother, and four of the children got out of the apartment through a window, and a 5-year-old boy was left behind as he slept. McClinton said she felt horrible because she wasn’t able to get the 5-year-old out.

She said she was afraid the whole time that she was going to be killed by the suspect, and she thought he had raped or killed Fontenot because she could not hear them in the other room, according to the arrest report.

McClinton contacted her other daughter, who lives nearby, who notified the apartment manager. The daughter also called the police.

Kenneth Durand, the manager, knocked on the door to check on Fontenot.

Fontenot told police Stallworth held a gun to her back and had her tell the manager everything was fine, according to the arrest report.

After the manager left, the 5-year-old boy came into the living room, where Fontenot was. According to the arrest report, Fontenot sent him back to the bedroom and helped him escape. That’s when she realized the others had escaped.

When Stallworth figured out that the police had been called, he started to “freak out” and he tried to devise a plan to disguise himself as an elderly woman and leave with Fontenot in her vehicle.

Stallworth had become agitated and suicidal, holding the gun to his head, according to the arrest report. He ordered Fontenot to close the blinds near the front door, and as she did so, she saw her chance to escape, running out the front door, she told police.

The standoff with police lasted for several hours before police took Stallworth into custody without incident.

Police shut down Tropicana in both directions near Valley View Boulevard while they worked at the scene.