LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Schools, state offices are closed on Friday, Oct. 27 to observe Nevada Day which is actually on Oct. 31. It’s the date when Nevada became the 36th state in 1864. It was moved to the last Friday in October in 2000 to give residents a three-day weekend.

8 News Now joined Fourth graders at Marion Earl Elementary on Thursday, Oct. 26 to learn about the state’s history during their Nevada history unit. These fourth graders are putting together a presentation on the state that they will later give to the class next week.

During the visit we talked to students and teachers about what they are learning and why it was important to learn about the state they call home.

“It is important to learn about the state so you can know where you live and where the places are,” fourth-grader Adalyn Rivera said.

“A lot of people just connect Nevada with Las Vegas. That it’s all about Las Vegas when really it’s not,” teacher Sara Lamparelli told 8 News Now. “Some of them actually thought the capital was Las Vegas. It’s really important for them to understand the state and where they live.”

When we quizzed the students at Marion Earl Elementary school they got most of the state history facts correct showing us that they might know more than most Nevadans about the state.

Nevada Day has been celebrated every year with a parade in the state’s capital Carson City since 1938.