HIKO, Nev. (KLAS) — After low attendance for the first day of the “Storm Area 51 Basecamp,” an appearance by a food truck could breathe some life back into the event. Arby’s has opened their “Roadside Meathouse” to those at the Hiko site.

The “top-secret menu” was revealed to be “Galazy Shake,” “Redacted on Rye Sandwich,” “E.T. Slider” and “Arby’s Frying Objects.” Between the sandwiches, loaded curly fries and milkshake, Arby’s hopes to fill the void that this event has left for many of the participants.

The events at Hiko have been scaled back following poor attendance. Most notably, less than 100 people showed out to see popular DJ Paul Oakenfold during Friday night’s festivities. On Saturday, organizers moved all scheduled speakers inside the Alien Research Center and disassembled the main stage.

Arby’s announced they have enough food for about 1,500 stormers. As of Saturday afternoon, about 200 people were at the Hiko site, and the line to get into the Alien Research Center was out the door.

On the flip side, there is still significant traffic on the way to Rachel for the “Alienstock” event. The event in Rachel had several thousand Friday night, and could have more on Saturday.