LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As wildfires continue to consume Maui, Las Vegas is really living up to the name of being the 9th island. On Thursday night 8 News Now highlighted a business owner with Hawaiian roots who was asking for supplies to help those affected by the Maui fires.

Despite coming to terms with the loss of their hometown, the owners of 9 Island Kava Lounge are doing every they can to pack a trailer up to send supplies to their brothers, sisters, and even strangers that are left in Maui. 

“Everybody there is family, and everybody has lost everything,” owner Jai Alboro said. “My father’s house where he lives with his wife, that’s no longer there his business he owns a sports fishing company, and the harbor all the boats are gone.”

From the 9th island of Hawaii, Alboro is collecting supplies to let those left with nothing know that they are cared for. 

“Maui isn’t going to need it for tomorrow, not next week Maui is going to need it for a few months, even for a year,” Alboro said. 

While 8 News Now was there, several strangers showed up to donate what they can. 

“It is just so heartbreaking,” Mona Joseph said. “That is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon, in Maui.” 

For Alboro he hopes to fill up the trailer and have supplies delivered to Maui by Monday. 

“Anything we can do for West Maui, Lahaina strong we are here for you,” Alboro said. 

The outpour of donations makes the meaning of ‘Mahalo’ go a long way. The lounge is continuing to accept donations all weekend long. 

If you would like to donate they are located at  5447 S Rainbow Blvd e7, Las Vegas, NV 89118.