LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– After 8 admissions employees left their job at the Animal Foundation, the CEO
Hilarie Grey said it can be a stressful job for their workers.

Overcrowding is a big issue not only for the Animal Foundation but for other shelters across the country as well.

The Nevada SPCA is also dealing with a high volume of animals coming in but has measures in place to take care of them, and their employees.

“Things are scary, now it’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had,” said Lori Heeren, executive director of the Nevada SPCA.

The SPCA is currently home to 260 animals, that’s 10 more than what they are normally able to care for.

While that’s not close to the near 800 plus animals at the Animal Foundation, Heeren said, she is doing her best to make sure employees don’t get overwhelmed.

“This is a very very tough job for people on the front line doing it every day,” she said.

In January, Heeren said she went to the board of directors to increase pay for her workers.
Which is part of the issue the 8 workers that walked out from the animal foundation faced.

Along with the issue of pay, a letter by the staff that resigned revealed that they had to work 10 plus hours with no breaks.

“We have made some changes to scheduling and to other things that affect the work environment,” said Grey in response to those claims.