Animal advocates work to rescue, keep bunnies safe from trenches at Floyd Lamb Park

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Animal advocates are working to rescue rabbits they say are in harm’s way at Floyd Lamb Park located in the northwestern part of the valley.

The group “Bunnies Matter” says several rabbits are in danger due to the construction work happening in the area.  They say rabbits are unable to get out after falling into a trench in the area.

So volunteers are laying traps near one of the historic buildings in an effort to get the rabbits to safety.

The group claims that the City of Las Vegas has not coordinated with them to resolve the issue, but the city says it has “tried doing so in the past.”

Dave Schweiger helps plan rabbit rescues throughout the valley.  Advocates say, when it rains, bunnies who have fallen into the trench could end up drowning.

Cement is scheduled to be poured into the trench soon, as part of the construction work, so the group Bunnies Matter is working to get the rabbits out before that happens.  But the City of Las Vegas says it’s taken steps to prevent this.
The city says, in 2017 it invited rabbit rescue groups to round up the rabbits and find them new homes because of their plans to renovate the historic buildings.
The city says the animal groups did not accept that invitation, so city crews went ahead and removed the rabbits.  However, volunteers say there are still problems.

“When they built the trench around it, bunnies can’t get out to get food, on their own, because they’ll fall into the trench, so they’re stuck under the lighthouse with no food, and we’re trying to trap them,” said Jackie Ashour, volunteer. “And they can’t get to the traps either.”

The city says they created a habitat for rabbits in the northeast portion of Floyd Lamb Park.  The city says it’s also happy the Bunnies Matter crew has helped them move the remaining rabbits over the past week.

The City of Las Vegas says it’s checked, and have even placed cameras down in the burrows, to make sure no rabbits are left in trenches.  Volunteers say they plan to be out in the park until every last one is saved.  They also said the city told them they could fill part of the trench with dirt to help some of the rabbits get to safety.

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