LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It’s important to remember to protect your vehicle, as auto thefts across the valley are up 25%, according to Metro Police.

The department is reminding everyone that there are simple things you can do to keep from becoming a victim.

“Don’t leave keys in the car and take everything with you and always lock the doors, even if you are just stepping across the street to get the mail,” said resident Keyana Webb.

Although it seems like basic knowledge, more and more cars are getting vandalized and stolen across the region. The heat isn’t stopping these thieves from taking your valuables. 

“In the apartment complex I live in, people will walk through and just check door handles,” resident Michael Johnson told 8 News Now.  

Metro says time and time again, they see people’s cars getting broken into just because the doors are unlocked, or the keys are left in the ignition. Leaving things like your garage door opener and registration in your car unattended are also warned against.

“Don’t leave your garage door opener inside the car; conceal other items that can be left open inside of your car because that is what thieves are looking for,” shared Metro Lt. Adam Seely. He added, “Something easy to steal that is not going to lead to any confrontation.”   

Webb says what’s helped her family is getting extra security around the house. 

“My family, we have Ring doorbell cameras, so we are able to see,” she said. “And we are also intertwined with the Ring app, so we are able to see what is going on around the neighborhood.”

To help curb the rise in crime, Metro area commands are working closely together, and so far, Spring Valley is seeing the benefits.

“In the Spring Valley Area Command, about 60 days ago, we were at a 75 to 80% rise in stolen vehicles,” Seely told us, “And since the implementation of the plan, we are down by approximately 35%.”

Other hard-hit areas include the northwest and the Las Vegas Strip.