LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While we approach some of the busiest months of the year, people who are not vaccinated have an option when traveling.

Urgent care facility CareNow is offering pre-flight COVID-19 rapid testing for American Airlines passengers traveling to 13 international destinations.

That includes places throughout Central America and the Caribbean — and on domestic destinations, including Hawaii.

“A lot of our Las Vegas community are traveling right now and the COVID-19 requirements are so confusing,” said Jami Rimer of Las Vegas CareNow. “So this partnership with American Airlines is really wonderful because we take all the guesswork out of it for our community.”

Dr. Lamont Tyler, the Market Medical Director of HCA | CareNow explains the quick process:

“They have to have proof and come in with their ticket and reservation,” Tyler said. “We allow for our patients to do what we call a web check-in. Then we can bring them back and get the testing done for them, and then facilitate with them with their results and test in hand.”

Travelers can request two types of COVID-19 tests: the on-site rapid test or PCR lab send-outs. Rapid test results are ready in less than 15 minutes.

As for other airlines jumping on board and doing the same, Tyler says the possiblity is definitley there.

“We have been very successful with our American Airlines platform, so it would not surprise me if other airlines look at what we have been able to perform, facilitating safe travel,” Tyler said.

There are 16 CareNow clinics in the Las Vegas area for American Airlines passengers to use and while this is a quick fix for those who need results right away, it is an out-of-pocket expense of $139. 

 Travelers can schedule an appointment by utilizing web check-in at and selecting one of three options, including:

  • American Airlines Rapid Test (Hawaii) – specifically for Hawaii passengers due to state specific form requirements
  • American Airlines Rapid (International) – for approved destinations that allow a rapid COVID-19 test
  • American Airlines PCR lab send out (International) – for approved destinations that require a laboratory send out COVID-19 test

After completing a rapid test, people will receive a physical and electronic copy of their test results before leaving the clinic. Those taking a PCR lab send out test will receive an electronic-only copy of results. 

The program is available for American Airlines passengers headed to these destinations:

·         Aruba·         Nassau, Bahamas
·         Bogota, Colombia·         Roatan, Honduras
·         Belize·         San Salvador, El Salvador
·         Guatemala·         San Pedro Sula, Honduras
·         Hawaii, United States·         Santiago, Chile
·         London, England·         St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
·         Montego Bay, Jamaica·         Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Visit for more information on local COVID-19 requirements.

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