LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The body of 2-year-old Amari Nicholson was found Wednesday afternoon not far from the area where he was reported missing.

According to Metro Police, his body was located near the 400 block of East Twain Avenue, less than a mile south of Emerald Suites where he last seen on May 5.

The scene at Siegel Suites was blocked off, but many people living in the area watched. They say they had been following the disappearance of Amari ever since it was reported.

We spoke with a woman who lives close by. She told us she was handing out flyers this week, and as devastating of an end as this is, she is glad Amari was finally found.

“My heart is broken for this baby,” lamented Jillian Dube. “I have been helping pass out flyers. We walked and looked. We checked our trash cans. We looked everywhere … it’s too close to home.”

There were many tears shed by complete strangers, as the toddler’s body was placed into a funeral home car. We kept hearing them say, “We love you, Amari.”

One woman 8 News Now spoke with had just been at the wash at Cambridge Recreation Center, where they were conducting a search for the child. As soon as she heard he was recovered, she rushed to the area because she says she didn’t want Amari to be alone.

“He is just a baby,” said Cheyenne Alverez. “…He was alone, and all these people came out because they care about him, and we didn’t know him, but he will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Several others who lived in the building were also shocked.

A crowd gathered at the McDonald’s next door when Tayler Nicholson, Amari’s mother, showed up. Police spoke with her, and the crowd yelled that she should be arrested, too. It seemed like a brief encounter, and she drove off and appeared to not show emotion.

Terrell Rhodes, Nicholson’s boyfriend, is facing a murder charge for the death of Amari. According to police, the child was left in his care while his mother was out of town in Colorado last week.

Rhodes appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom for the first time Wednesday morning and was denied bail. Prosecutors said blood was found on a wall, along with soiled child’s clothing in Rhodes’ apartment.