LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A community mourns after two young lives were stolen before they could truly start. A vigil was held on Friday night to honor the two girls whose lives were suddenly taken.

Viktoria Salazar and Sofia Molina both died last week, both were just 12-years-old. Now the school they attended is coming together to remember them and to help those who loved them the most.

Molina who police say was shot and killed by her father on Sunday and Salazar who died of cancer were both honored at Somerset Academy Lone Mountain on Friday night. While their deaths were unrelated they are equally as devastating.

“She decided that her fight was not only for her own life, but she wanted to bring awareness of the disease to help other children as well,” said the Principal of Somerset Academy in regards to the death of Salazar.

Family, friends, and those in the community gathered to share memories and understand the weight of their grief with a moment of silence, a candlelit vigil, and an opportunity to leave messages of support.

“Death is not extinguishing these candles, or the light, the light of Sofia and Viktoria. The lamp is going out because a new dawn is coming,” one speaker said.

While the weight of this grief still hangs heavy over everyone here, they hope to hold onto the memories they have as they try to move forward without those they love.

“Sofia, we love you and we will always have you in our hearts,” said the principal. “Your memories will stay forever in our minds and in our hearts.”

Both families have set up a GoFundMe online to help with funeral expenses for both girls.

For Viktoria Salazar’s GoFundMe click here.

For Sofia Molina’s GoFundMe click here.