LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It has been almost two years since the deadliest residential fire in Las Vegas history, and this week two more lawsuits have been filed, with one being from the owner – blaming others.

The morning of Tuesday, Dec. 21, a fire ripped through a three-story motel in downtown Las Vegas leaving six people dead and injuring many others.

The Alpine Motel fire investigation revealed it all started when someone was using their stove for heat. The fire quickly spread filling other apartments with fire and heavy smoke.

According to lawsuits, the building did not have working fire alarms or sprinklers.

In the lawsuit filed by Alpine Motel owner, Adolfo Orozco, he is seeking judgment against on-site worker Jason Casteel, tenant Corey Evans, the city of Las Vegas, and three companies associated with the building’s fire alarm system.

Adolfo Orozco-Garcia faces numerous charges in the deadly Alpine Motel fire.

Orozco claims tenant Evans was at fault for using his stove for heat and leaving it on when he left the unit, leading to the fire.

The motel owner also claims on-site maintenance, security, and clerical worker Jason Casteel was responsible for bolting a rear exit door he had failed to fix prior to the fire, not checking and replacing fire alarms in residential units, and that he had disabled the main fire alarm system after a prank fire alarm on Nov. 28, 2019. He even claims Casteel placed replacement refrigerators in a first-floor hallway which created obstacles for people trying to escape the day of the fire.

In the lawsuit, Orozco continues by placing blame on the fire alarm manufacturer and monitoring companies for not maintaining the alarm before and after the prank on Nov. 28.

Orozco then also faults the city of Las Vegas for not re-inspecting the property after being alerted of a malfunction of the alarm system during the prank alarm incident.

The other new lawsuit claims that “exit doors had been bolted shut,” forcing some people to jump from upper-floor windows to escape the deadly smoke and flames.

In a new lawsuit from a motel resident, Kenneth Gordon, he claims he was one of the people who had to jump, resulting in an injured knee.