LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Allergy-sufferers beware: the winds we experienced today are starting to shake the pollen off trees in the area. Unfortunately, that won’t get better anytime soon.

Trees are already blooming and producing pollen despite it only being February. A specialist told 8 News Now that while allergies are bad in Las Vegas right now, they’re going to get worse every year as trees in the area continue to grow.

Trees like juniper and ash are producing a lot of pollen in the Summerlin and Green Valley areas.

This is bad news for people like Jay Parsons, who started suffering from allergies when he moved to Las Vegas 18 years ago.

“I would take Claritin almost daily, or something like that,” Parsons said. “I would go through Afrin nose sprays constantly because my sinuses would close up on me all the time.”

Long-banned mulberry and olive trees will start to cause problems for people like Parsons in March and April.

“My eyes would get to where they’d swell shut, my nasal passages were completely clogged almost all the time,” recalled Parsons.

Doctor Joel Katz said people with severe allergies will start to get some relief when it gets over 100 degrees.

“Then, the pollen tends to drop out of the air,” revealed Katz. “So, people with significant allergies will have problems in the spring and the fall, but in the middle of summer, they do well.”

Katz said over-the-counter pills and nasal sprays can help, but if you have shortness of breath, wheezing or significant coughing, you need to seek medical attention.

In addition, wash your hair before getting into bed, drive with the windows closed and avoid exercising outside when pollen counts are the highest.