Allergies, flu could strike Southern Nevadans at same time

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Fighting the flu and bad allergies separately can cause enough headaches. But symptoms of both together creates a rare one-two punch.

The illness-forecasting company Sickweather says there’s a high risk of seeing this in Nevada.

Flu season isn’t over yet. Experts say the H-3-N-2 strain is making its second wave across the country.   But with an active allergy season now beginning, many are concerned about battling both.

“I get year-round allergies, so I have the constant congestion,” said Maria Ramirez who lives in North Las Vegas.

She says adding flu-like symptoms to what she’s already dealing with would be a nightmare.

“I can hardly breathe as it is, and getting the flu is just,” Ramirez said. “I haven’t had the flu in years but it’s horrible.”

“Inflammation paves the way for viruses,” said Kaitlin Brennan, sales and marketing manager, Sickweather.

Sickweather is a company that tracks and predicts illnesses. They say Nevada is among the top 10 states seeing the most active flu and allergy crossover right now.

“With this late strain of the flu going around, we’re kind of in a unique place where some people that are allergy sufferers could also be a little more at risk for getting these flu-like symptoms as well,” Brennan said.

“It can have a double whammy,” said Dr. Joel Katz, director, Allergy and Asthma Center Las Vegas.

Allergist Joel Katz says despite more sneezing and coughing, we should not be too worried.

“In Nevada, we generally have an earlier allergy season than most areas of the country, so that’s why some of our flu is coinciding with the allergy season.”

He says taking medicine, practicing good hygiene and following up with your physician is all you need to do.

And for people like Ramirez who constantly suffer from allergies, it’s all about reducing inflammation.

“So, now I’m getting the immunotherapy shots, kind of just to bring them under control,” Ramirez said.

Sickweather is predicting the crossover between the flu and allergy season to continue over the next three weeks.

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