Allergens affect people all year; pollen kicks into gear during the spring

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For many people dealing with allergies — it may come as a surprise to learn that technically, there’s no real such thing as allergy season. Why? Because different types of allergens can affect different people all year long.

For example, dust mites, mold, and pet dander linger all year, but some allergens like different kinds of pollen are a seasonal weapon that is hitting some people hard right now.

“It depends on the person,” said Hayley Washinski, Las Vegas Sinus Clinic.  “Some people have worse allergies in the fall, some in the spring, some in the summer.”

Tree pollen starts in early March — grass starts in May, weeds in July, and the ragweed starts in late August. 

Hayley Washinski is a physician assistant for Las Vegas Sinus Clinic, and she says olive trees are causing problems right now.

Just a lot of sneezing, watery eyes, ears are kinda stuffy,” said Henry Garcia, a Las Vegas resident.

“My eyes are blurry and watery all the time, so I have to get eye drops and eyewash,” said Mike Stogner, Las Vegas resident.

 “A lot of patients come in with sinus pressure, nasal congestion, fatigue, lack of focus,” said Washinski.  “We treat people that tend to have these symptoms during high allergy season. We have  a lot of trees, more people coming here, more infrastructure that means more plants, and more planting.”

Many say home remedies such as using a Neti Pot, Las Vegas Mix, local honey and over the counter medicine such as Claritin can help along with staying indoors on windy days.

“I don’t try to go outside as much with this weather because it really affects my allergies so I stay within air conditioning,” Garcia said. 

Others simply like to keep track of the pollen count on their phone.

“Its called Allergy Alert and it will show all the pollen in the air,” said  Shawn Xu, Las Vegas resident. “I don’t think it’s going to be a better year because I’m doing hunting stuff. I go outdoors all the time. I think it’s going to get worst.” 

Washinski recommends doing your research before going outside, along with getting an allergy test.  Another recommendation is the balloon procedure.

[The] “Balloon procedure is a nonevasive procedure where we’re able to open up the sinuses and allow better drainage less pressure in the facial area frontal,” Washinski said. 

According to Washinski, although cold and allergies produce many of the same symptoms, colds sometimes produce a fever and while allergies don’t.

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