LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials are still looking for an alleged gunman Monday after investigators say he shot two people on the Las Vegas Strip over the weekend. spoke with a woman who said she came inches from the shooter. 

Emily Flowers said she was leaving her job at Fashion Show Mall late Saturday night when she heard gunfire. 

“I didn’t see anyone on the ground, but I did hear screams of terror and pain,” Flowers said. 

Flowers said she was terrified and ran as fast as she could to her bus stop before facing the alleged shooter.

“I had somebody grab my shirt from behind and pull me down, and I realized what was going on,” Flowers said. “He was just standing really tall, making himself wide. He had the gun pointing down like brandishing it, waving it around like crazy, and yelling.”

Flowers said the gunman wanted the bus driver to drive off with him, but the driver did not want to put any passengers in danger. 

“He was yelling and screaming the whole time to get off the bus,” she said. “We all got down low in case anything happened.”

The gunman did eventually get off the bus. LVMPD officials later released images of him. 

Police said two people were arguing when the shooter shot at them and ran off. 

Flowers, she said the incident put her on edge.

“I’m just happy to be alive,” she said. “It was insane. I still have a lot of jitters and everything.”