UPDATE: This article has been updated to correct the location of the initial incident.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A report released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department highlights new details in the robbery that led to a high-speed chase and officer-involved shooting on March 1 in Henderson.

According to the arrest report, Lorraine Alvarado, Kassandra Alvarez and Mary Nolan arrived at Hibbet Sports near the corner of Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard in Las Vegas at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 1. Police say Nolan distracted staff at the store by entering and exiting the facility, selecting and discarding merchandise and asking unusual questions of those working at the time, including “military time in various instances.”

Lorraine Alvarado was shot by police officers on March 1. (Credit: LVMPD)

Workers at the store became suspicious that they would steal items, the police report said. It also indicated that when Alvarez and Alvarado approached the counter to pay for their purchases, Alvarez’s card was declined.

Based on police information, Alvarado grabbed a pistol from Alvarez’s waistband and pointed it. Staff members, fearful for their lives, allowed the two of them to leave with the items, the report said. However, one worker had noted the license plate number of the vehicle Alvarado, Alvarez and Nolan were in.

After the incident, police received the license plate number and located the vehicle, leading to a pursuit that saw Alvarado, Alvarez and Nolan’s vehicle driving recklessly and over 90 mph, making dangerous turns and cutting off other vehicles, reports indicate.

At one point, police say the suspect vehicle rear-ended a civilian vehicle at over 40 mph, propelling it into a light pole. The two people in the vehicle were hurt and taken to an area hospital for care.

Video from officer body-worn cameras recorded the shooting of Lorraine Alvarado on March 1. (Credit: LVMPD)

The report indicates that Alvarado ran from the vehicle with a handgun in her right hand before turning the firearm at an officer who fired his gun at her. After falling to the ground, police say she rolled into a sitting position and continued aiming her firearm at officers. According to the report, officers fired again, and Alvarado eventually dropped her gun.

Officers arrested Alvarez and Nolan and took them to LVMPD headquarters, while Alvarado was taken to an area hospital to treat the gunshot wounds.

In police interviews, Alvarez and Nolan recapped the robbery and subsequent pursuit, telling officers that they asked themselves if the pursuit was “all for this,” meaning the clothing stolen from the sports store, the report says.