LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The next time you fly out of McCarran International Airport, you will probably notice a change.

Today, officials at McCarran unveiled some major technology upgrades to one of their checkpoints. The checkpoint opens to the public on Thursday, and was demonstrated for the media on Monday.

The official reopening of McCarran’s Innovation Checkpoint has a lot of new features for travelers.

It’s described as the first and only one of its kind in the nation.

“I would tell you the crown jewel of test sites for TSA and for the future of aviation security is right behind me,” said Karen Burke, TSA Security Director for Nevada.

“This is absolutely the most superb and one-of-a-kind — the only one in the country — that has this kind of technology and the ability to do testing … to be able to have a great customer experience as well as a good environment for our employees,” Burke said.

This checkpoint offers additional security screenings for extra protection, but it shouldn’t add to wait times.

New digital signs allow for travelers to easily see what they can and can’t bring through security. The board also shows security wait times.

One of the biggest features: credential authentification technology, also known as “CAT.”

This system takes away the need for a boarding pass. Instead, all a passenger needs is their ID.

Other features include an automated bin return with a mechanism that uses ultraviolet light to clean bins. Also, Plexiglas barriers and a new body scanner are part of the package.

Mike Walsh, a pilot from Washington D.C., said, “It sounds like technology is catching up, which should be great.”

These features will reduce the number of pat-downs that normally happen at the checkpoint.

Travelers say convenience is key, but they are pleased with the sanitation measures added.

“I think that is cool,” said Brit Mathit, visiting from Sacramento. “I wasn’t really thinking about the bins, but yeah, totally makes sense if they are self-cleaning. That sounds awesome.”