LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Henderson charter school has made a new holiday tradition of giving its students and staff the presents and wishes they ask for.

Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon began “winter wishes” last year, a program where school officials grant the wishes that students and staff submitted to them. Principal Lisa Satory said a mix of school fundraisers and community donors gave this giving program a second life this year.

“For the two weeks before winter break, we draw [wishes], we see which ones we can grant and we grant as many as we possibly can,” Satory said dressed as Elf on a Shelf inside her office Friday afternoon. “We’re a new campus, so we want to have things that our students identify with.”

The K-12 charter school began classes 3 years ago. The principal describes this program as an effort to unify the relatively new school community.

Though not all wishes can be granted due to budget constraints, the principal said over 500 were fulfilled this year. Wishes ranged from giant gummy worms to special lunches with friends, to more-pricey gifts students did not expect to receive.

“I wished for Air Pod pros, and I received Air Pod pros,” eighth grader Zackry Urbanski said with slight disbelief inside the school Friday afternoon.

“I wished for a book by Jane Austen and I ended up getting — I got a collection of her books,” eighth grader Caroline Czarnezki added next to her classmate. “They could just send us here to learn with textbooks, but they’re going out of their way, they’re raising money and getting all of these organizations to help students.“

One gift, in particular, is on its way to becoming viral. A video of Principal Satory gifting Ivan Egberg a new kitten has nearly 22,000 views on Instagram, a moment that the sixth grader said turned a dark situation into the brightest present he’s ever received.

“My cat died a few years ago and I was really sad, so I wished for a cat stuffed animal, but they got me a cat instead,” Egberg said inside the principal’s office Friday afternoon. “I was very, very emotional.”

Wishes like these are what school personnel said will keep this program alive year after year as long as they can afford it. Carrie Cox, reading interventionist at the school and new Henderson City Councilmember indicated that the program may mean more to certain students than others.

“It really does benefit families and children that maybe don’t have everything that they need,” Cox said in the school’s lobby. “For our kids to have that hope and that Christmas spirit, that’s what it’s all about. The magic!”

The school community continued the celebration Friday night during a drive-thru holiday lights exhibit around the school. Students, staff, and others in the school community created the installations.