LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you have flown recently, you may have encountered some delays or cancellations at the airport.

From staffing shortages to weather issues, travelers have been facing a multitude of frustrations nationwide, including right here in the valley.

On Wednesday, the most recent problem stemmed from cancellations and delays associated with Spirit Airlines.

The airline company apologized for the cancellations and said it expected a lot of the issues to be resolved by Thursday.

The recent flight issues nationwide had some local travelers like Eric Hoffman, from Michigan, wondering if he would ever get to his destination.

“There is a lot of tension, a lot of tension. Just being left in the dark we don’t know when the next flight is, no idea we all have to work we all have jobs,” Hoffman said.

Another traveler, Josephina Bell from Orlando, Florida tells 8 News Now a surprise cancellation started her day off on the wrong foot.

“8:30 this morning I get a text saying your flight has been cancelled, I say you got to be kidding me.”

Bell says she’s been trying to catch a flight home to Orlando and adds that her frustration started at the beginning of the week.

“Come to leave on Monday, my flights have been cancelled four times. I have rescheduling four times,” Bell also added, “this will be the last trip with Spirit, they don’t have to worry about me on their airplanes.”

Spirit tells 8 News Now, “We’ve dealt with overlapping operational challenges including weather, system outages, and staffing shortages that caused widespread irregularities in our operation and impacted crew scheduling.”

American airlines also dealt with a string of cancellations earlier this week.

The airline said a storm in Dallas, Texas was to blame for the wave of problems.

Other Spirit passengers at the airport tell 8 News Now they are considering other options.

“Can they give me an option to get home? I mean kids have school, have work obviously we need to get home.”

Travelers on other airlines also tell 8 News Now issues throughout the day included delays at gate and baggage areas, and ground crews trying to keep up with the demand.