LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Short-term rental company Airbnb said its “anti-party” software blocked thousands of people from renting homes in Las Vegas to hold large gatherings.

Airbnb said it’s software “restricts guests under the age of 25 without a history of positive reviews from booking entire home listings in their local area under certain circumstances.” Airbnb did not give an exact number of blocked rentals but said it was approximately 3,600 during 2021.

The company also said it implemented new protocols during high-traffic times of the year such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and Fourth of July. During these times, Airbnb said it blocked 1,850 party house rentals for the Fourth of July, 1,550 for New Year’s Eve, and 750 for Halloween.

While vacation rentals are the trend in other cities it’s a different story in Southern Nevada. Short-term rentals are currently not permitted in unincorporated Clark County but are allowed in the city of Las Vegas. The Nevada Legislature has passed a new bill that requires the county to regulate short-term rentals by July 1.

In December a public survey from the county was launched to get input from the public on an ordinance that will be drafted to strike a balance between the right of Airbnb operators to rent out their places on a short-term basis versus protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods.

With Assembly Bill 363 it would require a minimum distance of 500 ft. between any two short-term rentals as opposed to a current Las Vegas ordinance which requires 660 ft. of space between each residential property.

The proposal could also override a city mandate that requires a homeowner to occupy the rental property.