Air Conditioning issues: Exploring renters’ rights

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NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With temperatures in the triple digits expected to scorch the Las Vegas valley all this week, we will all be cranking up the air conditioning to stay cool. But one woman in North Las Vegas doesn’t have that option. Mary Clark says the A/C in her apartment has been on the fritz since June, and property management still hasn’t done anything to get it back up and running.

“This is the A/C right here. This is where the air is supposed to come out,” Clark says.

Air conditioner hasn’t been working in one North Las Vegas apartment for more than a month.

According to Clark, her unit has been broken for more than a month. When 8 News NOW Reporter Orko Manna was there the thermostat read 92 degrees.

Orko Manna, Reporter: “What’s kind of the hottest that this has gone.”
Mary Clark, tenant: “It went all the way up to 101, 102.”

Clark says management at Yale Keys Senior Apartments changed some parts when she first called about the issue, but it’s still not working.

“They act like they don’t want to do anything about it,” Clark said. “It seems like, to me, what they want to do is just take people’s income and not think about their tenants.”

When it comes to cooling off, Clark has had to take matters into her own hands.

“I got the fan on with water down in front of it to try to cool it off, but it still doesn’t work,” said Clark.

Clark uses a fan and a bowl of water to cool off her apartment.

8 News NOW has tried speaking with Mary’s apartment management team but did not hear back before air time.

According to Nevada law, landlords are in charge of keeping apartments livable.

The Nevada Revised Statute states they’re not habitable if they lack, “ventilating, air-conditioning and other facilities and appliances maintained in good repair.”

Experts say if tenants send a letter in writing to property managers, and essential items like A/C’s are not fixed within 48 hours, renters have rights.

“They can seek to have someone else come in and make those repairs,” said Susy Vasquez, the exec. director for the Nevada State Apartment Association. “There’s also certain guidelines within the statute that would allow the resident to deduct rent amounts based on what they had to spend.”

“I’ve never seen it so hot in here. I’m going to take them to court,” Clark said. “You should just come fix whatever somebody needs.”

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