LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Better communication and cooperation are the main points of the agreement that is in place as Dr. Jesus Jara stays on to lead the Clark County School District as superintendent.

Some of the conflict between Jara and the board of trustees is evident in the language of the agreement, which says the board — not a single trustee acting alone — has the authority to direct Jara. The agreement also cites “assurances” to Jara that the board will mediate Jara’s claims of harassment.

Those claims were potentially an expensive part of Jara’s departure. His lawyer told the district Jara was owed $2 million to settle the claims in addition to $657,000 to pay out the remainder of his contract.

Now the board must deal with the claims and work with Jara to improve the working relationship.

Some of the details in the agreement:

One passage states, in part, “… there is no individual authority to give direction to the Superintendent or any District staff member regarding the management of the District or the solution of a specific problem(s).”

The document also specifies that meeting agendas won’t contain surprises — the board will communicate with Jara about late additions or modifications.

And there will be progressive discipline for board members who don’t stick to the plan.

The agreement was reached late last week, and signed by Linda P. Cavazos, president of the board, Irene A. Cepeda, vice president, and Evelyn Garcia Morales, clerk.

Cavazos noted, “My preference would have been for all trustees to have signed this document.” In all, there are seven CCSD Board of Trustees members.

Board members Danielle Ford and Lisa Guzman have spearheaded attacks on Jara, which culminated in Jara’s termination on Oct. 28 “for convenience” — no specific reason was cited. Cavazos, Cepeda, Ford and Guzman formed the majority in that vote.

The action was rescinded on Nov. 18, with Cepeda’s vote key in reversing the termination.