Aggressive driving becoming disturbing trend in the Valley

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Aggressive driving and road rage are becoming a disturbing trend in the Valley. Many of you have reached out to 8 News Now about the problem.

Experts tell us the pandemic has caused a lot of stress, and that’s often leading to aggression on the roads.

“I think what I’ve seen is an increase of varying kinds of drivers,” said Erin Breen of UNLV’s Transportation Research Center.

She says driving over the speed limit and out of lanes, mixed with people in a hurry, is when issues arise.

“It’s a particularly stressful time in a lot of people’s lives, and if you’re the type of person that has aggression issues behind the wheel, it’s a place where you will absolutely see that come out,” Breen explained.

We have seen it come out with recent incidents like road rage brawls circulating on social media, as well as the deadly road rage shooting on I-15.

“There’s reliable research out there that says 60 some percent of motor vehicle crashes are caused by aggressive drivers,” Breen revealed.

Tailgating is a common sign of a person frustrated behind the wheel.

“If you find that you honked your horn at people a lot, that’s a sign of an aggressive driver,” said Breen.

Another sign is if you roll through stop signs because you’re in a hurry.

“They are not even looking, period. It’s crazy out here,” said Brandon, who lives in Henderson.

Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Tony Illia says there are some easy ways to avoid getting angry behind the wheel.

“Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your final destination,” he suggested. “Next, calm yourself. Listen to some relaxing music you enjoy. Relax your grip on the steering wheel.”

Illia also advises drivers not to engage and avoid eye contact with angry drivers and to give them plenty of space.

“Slow down. Chill out,” Brandon urged. “You’ll get there when you get there.”

A lot of people tend to get behind the wheel to blow off steam. That’s the wrong time to let someone drive.

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