Age range of CCSD students who died by suicide is in those grades not yet returning to campuses

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Twenty Clark County School District (CCSD) students have died by suicide during the pandemic. Countless others are dealing with mental health challenges from isolation, disconnection and missing the interactive school environment.

With the younger kids heading back March 1, 8 News Now wanted to point out that the ages of the children who died by suicide were fourth up through high school.

That is the exact age range that will continue to distance learn. There is no return date yet for those students.

Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara did touch on the order of students’ return during his State of the Schools address.

“We have to make sure that we deliver Pre-K three perfect, that we have no issues, that there’s no spread of the virus,” he said. “As we see the numbers going down, as we see the vaccines across the community, as we see principals are able to manage. They’re doing a great job to be able to do that.”

If and when the hybrid plan goes well, as it has in private, religious and some charter schools across the valley for months, then CCSD will start to look at other, older grade levels.

“We’ve gotta be slow, methodical and strategic when we start moving forward,” Jara said.

We wanted to make sure we addressed this because we know many of you with kids in fourth grade and higher are asking, “What about my child?”

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