LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— The fire at the Crazy Horse Too may be out, but investigators are still working to figure out exactly how it started.

The fire started early Sunday morning, and left the old gentlemen’s club, with a long well-known history, heavily damaged.
The fire tore through the roof, and the damage and debris are still visible from the outside.

On Monday, code enforcement officers were looking into what needed to happen to secure the property. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue public information officer Timothy Szymanski says the investigation is just getting started.

“What we want to do is find out from the owner who the insurance company is that owns that property there,” says Szymanski, “usually on a large loss fire like that we want to coordinate our investigators with the investigators from the insurance company.”

A representative from the Los Angeles-based Westland Development Group, says they manage the property, and that someone was heading to Las Vegas to look at the building and figure out what to do.
Due to the damage, they plan to tear it down, and eventually replace it with new development, but would not say what that would be.

Fire investigators are waiting for that contact with the insurance company, Szymanski says it could be some time before we know the cause.