LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After a five-day pause, CCSD students and teachers are back in school. But some are raising a red flag, saying social media shows anything but “back to business.”

A Facebook message claimed some Canyon Springs High School students were in the gym during first period because teachers were out.

It’s a situation that is concerning to many people.

North Las Vegas resident Miranda Hatter feels like most — surprised to see teens at the park and not in school.

“Seeing kids on the skateboard, hanging out, chatting, laughing and talking,” Hatter said.

She was even more concerned to hear about social media messages describing Canyon Springs High School.

A viewer tells us their grandson’s first class was held in the gym because there was no teacher.

“It’s sad, because the teachers are scared,” Hatter said. “I can understand that, the way the pandemic is right now. Teachers are still kind of frightened.”

Las Vegas resident Gena Machedo agreed. “It’s sad. They need to put the kids first.”

The five-day pause was to give staff a chance to recover. It also gave nurses time to process calls related to COVID.

During the time off, CCSD says 1,068 employees were cleared to return out of 1,409.

Hatter is worried about the confusion.

“I don’t see it. I pray it gets better, but we don’t know,” she said.

We reached out to the district about the Facebook message. We have not heard back.