LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Physical fighting in our schools is a growing concern and in a recent Facebook live post by the domestic abuse treatment center, SafeNest, the discussion of teen dating violence was at the forefront.

“People are behaving badly and we too often in our society want to say, oh you are behaving badly, let me lay you down with punishment, but what we need to ask is why and what are the mental health supports we need to put on this?” Liz Ortenburger of SafeNest said.

Courtney Burns is a school counselor at Faith Lutheran Middle and High School and tells 8 News Now whether it is a fight between friends over an individual or a teen couple, social media can escalate the issue.

“School is 8 hours a day and I can decide to physically avoid someone if I choose, and not sit at that table at the cafeteria and take a different route to math. Social media is 24 hours a day,” Burns added.

As for educating our youth, Ortenburger says they have been trying to implement a plan of action for years within the district, but it continues to be a struggle.

“We have been trying to get into the school district to lead more programs, but it’s very difficult to get into CCSD and do this type of education. We hear those same stories with our domestic violence kids, where they didn’t realize that getting hit by a partner was wrong,” she added.

Burns also says there are key signs to look for when dealing with teen dating violence.

“The minute we start to see some controlling behaviors, whether going through your phone or I don’t want you talking to that person or even saying if you break up with me I am going to kill myself to me that is a red flag for things to escalate physically as well,” she added.

Experts say the best advice for parents is to get to know their child’s friends and their parents and be a part of their community.