LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All Adele residency shows are sold out and originally tickets were only available through Ticketmaster’s verified fan program, with tickets being sold on reseller sites like Stub Hub or Vivid Seats.

Adele announced the “Weekends with Adele” residency was postponed a day before it was supposed to start due to COVID-related production delays. The shows were scheduled to run on weekends from Jan. 21 through April. The residency is now scheduled to begin Nov. 18.

Trying to get a chance at any tickets also does not come without a hefty price.

New residency shows can also mean good business for locally owned shops like 11th Street Records on Fremont Street.

“There will be a big concert or a residency here and we’ll get an influx of fans who are here for a show, or they’ll come and explore the record store. It’s really cool because there are people who come all over and we get different types of crowds,” employee Duncan Nobile said.

He said while many customers are anticipating seeing her perform, he admits he’s shocked that tickets range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

“I mean I’d have to have a lot more money than I do now to throw that down for a ticket,” Nobile said.

He isn’t the only one, Laura and Debbie visiting from New Jersey are in Las Vegas to see Elton John.

“I’m a fan but I guess I will spend money on somebody that I know I’m 100 percent into it,” Laura said.

Debbie agreed. “I’m the same, We really like Elton John a lot,” Debbie said. “Adele I would pay a lot for but probably not $800, to be honest.”

Toby Baptist, the Vice President at helps people find tickets without breaking the bank.

“We have seen that a lot of these rescheduled shows especially the covid rescheduled shows, the tickets have been much harder to get because of the length of time that people have been holding onto them,” Baptist said. “When someone’s been holding onto a ticket like that for so long, they don’t really hit the resale market, and obviously with that low supply can drive up the price.”

He said with Adele’s face value, baseline tickets are much more expensive than other residencies plus concert dates around the holiday season are driving up ticket prices.

Baptist said it’s important to go to a reputable source or a local broker like when looking for the best deal for concert tickets.