LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The ACLU of Nevada released a statement on Monday following the Clark County School District’s refusal to release video that appears to show an altercation between students near Durango High School and CCSD police officers in February.

8 News Now has requested police officer bodycam video and reports on the incident from the school district but, it has denied both citing the ongoing investigation, and the age of the students involved.

The ACLU of Nevada is representing two Durango High School students involved in the incident.

“CCSD police have repeatedly and falsely suggested our clients were involved with guns in order to justify their officers violently attacking and detaining our clients without cause. Our clients demand this slander cease and that the bodycam footage be released immediately. Even though we have stated multiple times to the public and the District that we represent the young men attacked during the incident, CCSD rejected the ACLU of Nevada’s request for these public records. Considering how quickly police release footage when it is in their favor, this is unacceptable and violates Nevada’s Public Records Act. The body-worn camera footage should be released immediately. If the requested records are not released within the next 30 days, we will be taking this matter to court.”

-Chris Peterson, ACLU of Nevada Legal Director

The incident happened in the southwest area by Durango High School near Rainbow Boulevard and Russel Road.

According to 8 News Now sources, CCSD police were responding to a possible shooting call, but instead found a group of teenagers walking near a Strip Mall.

In the video, a group of teenagers appear to be recording the officers while they are dealing with another teenager, however, that is when things apparently escalated.

The video appears to show an officer walking toward a student wearing a hoodie, placing him in a chokehold, and then throwing him down on the ground. The video shows the officer then appearing to place his knee on the student’s back.

While having his knee on the student’s back, the video shows the officer apparently pushing another student away from him saying, “Back the f— up, back the f— up.”

That student told 8 News Now that he and his friends were walking to Durango High School from a shopping center around the corner to go to track practice. That is when they were approached by police.

The student also told 8 News Now that he was not arrested and went to the hospital after the incident.

Since the incident, CCSD’s Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara has called on the police department to conduct a complete review of its use of force policy and protocols.