LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More counts were filed Monday against the former “Dances with Wolves” actor who is accused of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

The Criminal Complaint was filed in North Las Vegas Justice Court where hours earlier it was presented to Nathan Chasing Horse during an appearance in a courtroom with a new private attorney who may represent him. The 46-year-old was accompanied by a Los Angeles-based attorney Alexandra Kazarian who works for the high-profile firm Geragos & Geragos. Currently, Chasing Horse remains on record with a public defender.

Chasing Horse was already facing five counts which included sex trafficking, sexual assault, sexual assault against a child under 16, and child abuse/neglect. The criminal complaint will add five more counts and he will be facing the following:

  • Sexual assault with a minor under 16 (1 count)
  • Sexual assault (1 count)
  • Sex Trafficking (4 counts)
  • Child abuse/neglect/endangerment (1 count)
  • Possession of visual child porn (1 count)
  • Unlawful acts pertaining to a bald eagle (1 count)
  • Unlawful possession of bird of prey, or parts (1 count)

During his Monday morning court appearance, supporters of Chasing Horse and alleged victims came together in the same room. The Las Vegas Indian Center was also there to show support for the bravery of the alleged victims.

“It’s a good feeling for them but at the same time, it’s like reliving the situations they have been through and it’s unfortunate they have to go through,” Rulon Pete said.

The investigation into Chasing Horse’s alleged actions is ongoing. Women and underage girls in several states and in Canada have accused him of sex crimes.

He is accused of running a cult known as The Circle and using his influence as a spiritual leader to gain the trust of indigenous girls and their families. Some of the girls who went to live with him were allegedly raped and then trafficked. Investigators said he considered the women to be his wives.

Chasing Horse was arrested at his North Las Vegas home on Jan. 31, following a raid at his home.

During his Monday morning court appearance, Kazarian asked for two more days to get up to speed on the case. Bail will be discussed at a future hearing and his preliminary hearing is set to take place on Feb. 22 at 9:30 a.m.

The Las Vegas Indian Center released a statement regarding the allegations against Chasing Horse. It said they are appalled and want indigenous women and families to know that culturally-appropriate resources and programs are available to support them. The National Strong Hearts Native Help Line is available 24/7 at 1-844-762-8483.