LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — July is Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Mental Health Month also known as BIPOC Mental Health Month. Minority groups are less likely to have access to mental health care.

The goal is to highlight the unique mental health challenges people of color face every day. The local non-profit, Solutions of Change, provides therapy and family support services to those in need. It’s looking to break mental health stigmas and barriers.

“People sometimes have the idea that people who have mental health issues can be violent or that they can’t be helped so it’s important we start to recognize that they are human beings, are members of our community, look just like you and me and could be you and me,” said Lakiesha Oliver, a therapist at Solutions of Change.

The group also works to help people who are uninsured, underinsured, or undocumented which may create boundaries to getting help.

This weekend the group will hold its 5th annual Healing to Health which is open to anyone in the community. The discussion will focus on mental health and the faith-based portion of that and how it can help.