Abigail’s Story: Girl battling cancer celebrates birthday with officers

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 LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Abigail Arias turns 7-years-old Friday. The Texas girl is battling terminal cancer and at the same time, clinging to a wish. The desire to be a police officer.

Now, the wish has come true and Abigail is in Las Vegas to celebrate.

A parade of Nevada Highway Patrol troopers brought Officer Abigail Arias to her 7th birthday party. Inside, a room full of super heroes, cake, and gifts. Her heart ballooned with excitement as she opened presents.

One after another, after another.

 “I like all the gifts and all the support people are giving me,” Arias said.

 For the past two years, she’s been battling Wilms Tumor cancer which is a type of childhood cancer that starts in the kidneys. Her father Ruben Arias says the cancer is now in her lungs and doctor’s can’t do anything more to save her.   

 “Actual medicine there just ain’t none. And you know? Why? And as a father that’s hard that you know that you’re told ‘Hey go enjoy your life with your daughter because there’s nothing else we can do.’ It’s tough,” Ruben Arias said.

Everyone in the family, including big brother Ethan, feel the same way.

“It’s tough to go through all of this,” Ethan Arias said. But in the end I know that we can all be alright because Jesus is always going to be with us.”

Abigail’s story was in the national spotlight last year when the Freeport Police Department made her an honorary officer.

“They help me fight the bad guys and they protect the city,” Abigail said.

She refers to cancer as “the bad guys.” Her father says they haven’t been able to tell her that it’s now terminal.

 “We just say hey baby there’s, still a little bit more in there. We’re still working. We still got to fight. But how do you tell a 6-year-old she’s probably going to die?”

For now, she celebrates her 7th birthday with those she loves.

“Thank you everybody for coming. It was a very special support. I would definitely love to if ya’ll would like come and take a picture with me,” Abigail told the officers.

the organization ‘when u dream a dream’ helped bring abigail to las vegas.

               her family is meeting with doctors again to see how things are going in mid-july. ///

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