LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Several frustrated people have come forward after 8 News Now aired a story last week about a man who said he can’t get his car back from a Henderson mechanic.

“As you can see,” Geno Jahrling said, referencing his vehicle inside the mechanic’s lot. “My truck is still sitting there.”

Jahrling told 8 News Now he hasn’t had his truck for months. He said he dropped it at Duaine’s Automotive to get a new transmission in May, paid $3,900, and has been trying to get it back ever since. 

“The excuses became from mechanical, couldn’t get the transmission, wrong gas tank,” Jahrling recalled.

He said he texted back and forth with the owner of Duaine’s for months, who promised to return the truck repaired until Jahrling claimed he just stopped responding. 

“After July. 4, he started becoming a ghost,” Jahrling said.

Unfortunately, Jahrling isn’t alone. He’s one of many who reached out, claiming to be in similar situations, after 8 News Now’s original story with Aaron Schlivka, who said he dropped his car off at Duaine’s Automotive a year ago, paid $5,000, and hasn’t seen it since then.

The shop’s main number said it was out of service any time anyone attempted to call, so 8 News Now reached out to the Nevada Department of Vehicles Compliance Enforcement Division. A representative said both Jahrling and Schlivka’s claims against the business are being investigated. 

“It was my grandfather’s truck,” Jahrling said. “So, it means a lot more to me than just a car.”

He told 8 News Now at this point, he doesn’t care if the work is completed, he just wants what belongs to him and said he won’t give up until he has it again. 

“Carl,” he concluded, speaking to the owner of Duaine’s. “Just give me my truck back.”

Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Detail officials encouraged anyone else in a similar situation to reach out to them. 

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8 News Now also reached out to the Nevada Attorney General’s office. Representatives said they have not received any complaints regarding this business, but said anyone having issues can file one at this link.

Jahrling and Schlivka told 8 News Now they have also both filed incident reports with Henderson Police Department.