LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two weeks later, 96-year-old Narumi Lichlyter and police still do not know who hit her with their car and left her for dead.

Lichlyter, or “Rumi” as friends and family call her, has spent the past two weeks in and out of medical care after losing feeling throughout her entire body from a November 17, hit-and-run at Tropicana and Mojave.

The Japan native, turned Las Vegas local, said she was hit while crossing the street from a shopping center directly across from the living facility she moved into four months ago.

“I stepped farther (in the crosswalk), I don’t have consciousness. I can’t remember anything. I was in a hospital bed when I woke up,” Lichlyter said while sitting inside her living facility’s main lobby Thursday afternoon.

Though she says the living facility provides a shuttle to the nearby center, she opted to walk home to “get exercise” after seeing other facility members do so.

She said those members walked faster than her, leaving her a crossing cycle behind, but only crossing the street when she had the appropriate crossing light.  

Now, she has three fractured ribs, an injured shoulder, knee pain, and a bump on her head.

Her son, Thomas Lichlyter, flew in from Oregon to be by her side while she recovered over the past two weeks.

Though the 96-year-old says she felt “frozen” when she first regained consciousness, her son adds that some pain is “melting” and is now only affecting the right side of her body.

“It’s definitely slowed her down, hampered her, handicapped her. She’s right-handed,” Tom said, sitting next to his mother. “She can’t do nothing with her left hand.”

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police suspect a gray or black Ford Crown Victoria with tinted windows and no license plates hit Narumi around 11:30 am. Officials confirm a suspect had not been located yet as of Thursday afternoon.

Until then, and as Narumi and her son continue daily physical therapy classes and new medication, they wonder if justice will ever be served to the driver who almost took her life.

“She just wants to get back on her feet and do her normal everyday routine,” Tom said. “I would tell (the driver) to come forward and just be honest about it. Maybe say ‘I didn’t see her’ or ‘I was in a hurry.’ Something.”

“I should remember the memory. I don’t have nothing,” his mother added.

Police urge anyone with information regarding the vehicle in question to contact the LVMPS Collision Investigation Section at (702) 828-3128, or, to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.

Police add that “tips directly leading to a felony arrest, or an indictment processed through Crime Stoppers may result in a cash reward.”