LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several accounts from witnesses moments after a crash claimed the lives of 9 people in North Las Vegas, on Saturday, Jan. 29 have been released through detailed 911 calls.

In the call below, a woman is heard reporting the crash to a 911 operator and describes the scene as the chaos unfolds at the intersection.

911 Operator: 911 do you need police, fire, or medical?

Caller: Medical, police, Commerce, and Cheyenne a bad accident.

911: You said Commerce or Cheyenne?

Caller: Both Commerce and Cheyenne.

911: are you involved in it?

Caller: No, it’s 3 cars. Oh my God, is that a baby? Oh my God, is that a baby?

911: What? What’s going on?

Caller: We need paramedics there’s a baby! Oh my God!

911: What’s wrong with the baby?

Caller: I don’t know (inaudible) it’s people! It’s just an accident I can’t explain it please! Hurry! (in audible) Get in the car!

911: What about a child?

Caller: It’s so many people flying out of the car there out the car. It’s four cars. Commerce and Cheyenne Avenue.

911: Alright, we got them on the way ok.
Caller: Alright.

911: Alright, bye, bye.

Police say, Gary Dean Robinson, 59 ran a red light at over 100 mph when he slammed into multiple cars at the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Commerce Street, killing himself and 8 others including a a family of 7.