8 On Your Side: Ways to avoid a trip to the DMV

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If you’ve gone to the DMV in southern Nevada lately you’ve probably noticed you can’t make appointments online, at least right now. And that’s leading to some frustrations among DMV customers.

But there’s actually a lot you can do at home with no trip necessary.

The DMV has been testing a new system with a lot more capabilities called  Q-matic in Reno for the last few weeks. That system is expected to be in place in southern Nevada in the next month. So, if you need to go in to the DMV, you have to wait but there’s a lot you can do online or at kiosks around the valley.

You do not need to go in to the DMV for:

  • Vehicle registration – When you buy from a Nevada dealer registration renewal, you can handle that at a kiosk or online.
  • Insurance issues – including problems verifying insurance or suspended registration because of a lapse in insurance – both can be handled on the phone or online unless the DMV tells you to come in.

Emily Luna drove an hour to go to the DMV Friday. She said she had no idea the online appointment system was down.

“I think just communicating to the customers beforehand because it’s shocking to get into the DMV and not see the organization that we usually see. So, maybe letting people know on their website. Cause I went on their website beforehand and there was nothing there stating anything,” Luna said.

And DMV officials do recommend checking the DMV website first to see if you can meet your needs online. If you do have to go in, make sure you have all the documentation needed so you don’t have to make a repeat visit.

You do need to go in if you moved from out of state and need to register your vehicle or any private party purchase of a vehicle and almost any transaction involving a drivers license. 

Also, here’s another tip. January and February are the slowest months for the DMV. March is the busiest. So, if you need to head in, do it now before the waits get worse.

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