LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We can all use some help during our parenting journey. 8 News Now chatted with a prior educator on some tips for success if you are looking for a strong support group and a better connection with your children.

Jennifer Cervantes is an educator turned shop founder. She created Tough as a Mother Tribe, a company with a mission to honor motherhood and bring moms together through gemstone design pieces.

Her first tip is to be vulnerable with other parents; share how you really feel and what you’re struggling with. Being real will help build a strong support system and help others guide you with things you may battle.

The second tip is to be present with your kids and do something fun together — it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

“I remember not growing up with a lot of money, but a lot of what we did was fun, and they were free,” Cervantes shared. “Going back to public teaching, I taught thousands of kids it was never, ‘Oh, my new shirt.’ It was among the peers sometimes. But after listening in for over a decade, the kids always talked about and were so fulfilled with experiences, going fishing, going on a picnic. That really meant something to them.”

Her last tip is to be honest with your kids by talking through key issues that are happening in your life and in the world. Kids are intuitive. We often want to protect them by not sharing, but by knowing what’s going on around them, it helps children build a solid connection with you.

By sharing your feelings, your children will feel safer when they’re in the loop and when you communicate openly and honestly with them.