LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On average, there are almost 100 infant deaths each year in unsafe sleep environments involving a nursery product.

Pam Springs, the director of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, shared more details for new parents and caregivers.

“Most of those deaths occurred in cribs, bassinets, where there was the presence of other products,” she said.

That’s why she said it’s critical for parents and caregivers to develop a game plan for keeping a baby’s sleep space safe.

First things first, Springs advises putting your baby in a sleep sack and that wearable blankets can keep little ones warm while lowering the risk of SIDS.

The risk is highest during the first year of life, but especially in the first few months before babies start rolling over.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has important guidelines to share when it’s time for bed.

  • Always place your baby on their back, to reduce the risks of SIDS
  • Bare is the best, and the use of fitted sheets is important.
  • Do not use a pillow, crib bumpers, or comforters
  • Transfer baby to a firm, flat crib
  • If the infant falls asleep in a swing, bouncer, or a lounger
  • Inclined products should never be used for infant sleep

More than two-million baby swings and rockers manufactured by Baby Gear Marker 4-Moms have been recalled over a strangulation risk following the death of a 10-month-old infant.

The recall applies to Mamaroo Baby Swings as well as Rockaroo Baby Rockers.

The swings and rockers were sold at BuyBuy Baby and Target locations around the country between January 2010 through August of this year.