8 On Your Side: Nev. is riskiest place to become victim of identity theft

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There’s some bad news for Nevada residents. According to a new study, the silver state is the riskiest place for victims of identity theft.

In a survey by SecureLife.com, the agency used FBI data to look at a few major metrics: The average loss per victim and per capita and the risk of becoming a victim in each state in the country, and overall Nevada came in at number one.

According to SecureLife.com, Nevada is at the top with an average loss per victim of almost $6,000, and while that isn’t the highest amount per victim on the list, the state really stands out when it comes to dollars lost per capita at 86 cents, and victims per 100,000 people at more than 14. 

Many of the highest-population states reported the highest overall dollars lost in the survey, but Nevada is an exception with the highest losses per capita by a large margin. 

However, Nevada improved slightly when it comes to I.D. theft. I.D. theft victims in Nevada lost an average of nearly $6,000per case. That’s the 7th highest in the country.

Ohio ranks number one for losses per I.D. theft at nearly $14,000 each. 

In all, Nevada lost $2.58 million to identity thieves in 2017 per state and per capita. That’s more than double the next highest amount lost.

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