LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Businesses nationwide are struggling to find employees. The lack of workers is even being felt at pools, with a lifeguard shortage reported at local facilities.

Help may be on the way, though.

Certifications for lifeguard training have increased across the country, and pay raises are the reason why many are diving into the gig. They’re happening here in Las Vegas, all the way to New York.

“It’s going up from $17 to $25,” Nikky Berg of Lifeguard Training NY shared. “We just posted about a job, $30 in the Hamptons, a day camp. Like, hello.”

Massachusetts is also offering state lifeguards a $500 bonus. In Texas, wages for lifeguards are up 30%.

8 News Now contacted the City of Las Vegas and found out pay for lifeguards increased in June by $2/hour due to a lack of lifeguards. Pay is now:

  • Lifeguards: $13/hour
  • Water Safety Instructors: $15/hour
  • Pool Managers: $17/hour