LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas dog food company that started during the pandemic is doing well. Yumwoof Natural Pet Foods launched online in November of 2020.

Jaron Lukas started the company with his co-founder, a professional chef who ran into tough times during the last recession and could no longer afford to feed his dogs the high-end kibble he’d been feeding them for years.

The two of them worked on perfecting their recipes and ingredients, with a local vet and pet nutritionist, and now offer a “Soft and chewy kibble” as well as a “Perfect dog food mix” for those pet owners who prefer to make dog food at home.

“It’s all towards paleo dog food, no fillers, and human-grade ingredients. Really trying to create the best absolute dog food that I would feed my dog, and trying to offer it to everyone else. We’re part of the 7 billion dollars shipped, that’s happening over the next five years in pet food specifically, going towards e-commerce. We are one of the beneficiaries of a larger trend,” Jaron Lukas of Yumwoof said.

The entrepreneurs are seeing the inflation behind the scenes that most businesses are dealing with right now with product and ingredient prices rising.

They are looking to expand Yumwoof into physical retail shops at most well-known pet food stores.