LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Inflation is causing more Americans to borrow money from family and friends, according to the Census Bureau’s latest household pulse survey of finances.

The study also found that around 25M people relied on loans from those closest to them last month, which is up from 19M a year prior.

Kaben Clauson is the co-founder of Pigeon Loans and said as inflation prices surge, it’s forcing a lot of people to look at other options when it comes to meeting their short-term financial needs.

One reason behind the rise in those looking for loans could be because 45M Americans are considered “credit invisible” Clauson said.

“These are people who either have a credit score so damaged, their only option is to go to payday lenders, and young people who don’t even have a credit score yet,” Clauson added.

He does have advice for those looking for other options.

Clauson says he and his partner formed Piegon Loans, 18 months ago.

The service it provides can become a tool to help friends and family make the borrowing process more structured.

It’s a piece of software that creates a contract, book-keeping, and payment reminders. It’s all automated and it costs the lender nothing, and the borrower a little more than five dollars.

“What if more like other countries where people lend all the time, like southeast Asia, and Africa, we normalize that kind of behavior in America, and I think we’re going to need to as income inequality is taking off, more people are going to need help from their fellow neighbor,” he added.