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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How many of you are still waiting to get your hands on a PlayStation or XBox’s newest release? It’s very difficult still, months after the launch, to get a hold of either.

If you’re serious about it, you either have to sit in front of a computer all day and hit refresh or subscribe to Twitter feeds or watch channels on YouTube.

Who has that kind of town?

Popcart, an online tool created to help when you shop and compare prices, has come up with an alert that you can easily download.

“The game consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox’s releases from Sony and Microsoft, they were incredibly short supply. We actually built a whole feature called “Popcart Genius Alerts,” just to help you track them and alert you when they’re back in stock,” said Omri Traub, founder and CEO of Popcart. “Still one of our most popular feature, and you can set an alert for a PlayStation. Whenever there is a drop on Best Buy or Target, we let you know.”

He says it will also let you know the availability on the biggest shopping sites, like Amazon, with a ding on your browser or email.

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