LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — High gas prices are encouraging more people to choose electric when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

Under President Biden’s Administration plan, the state of Nevada is set to receive nearly $38M to expand our alternative fuel corridor.

Roger Atkins is an advisor for Momentum Dynamics and the founder of “Electric Vehicle Outlook in the United Kingdom and says in addition to Tesla, major automakers such as GM and Volvo are making huge investments in the production of electric vehicles, and cities from coast to coast are installing EV charging stations.

“We are now seeing the big players wake up. How great to see Ford with the Ford Ff-150 lightning out in the market now,” Atkins said. “The Mustang Mach-E, I don’t think they can build enough, the order book is massive for that.”

Atkins also says the momentum is at risk of stalling if the charging process does not become as easy as possible.

He’s sharing more about wireless charging technology that is currently being used in Oslo and Sweden.

Imagine driving an electric vehicle over a wireless charging pad, without having to lift a finger or get out of the vehicle.

Momentum dynamics would like to make this a reality for all.

The U.S.based company is a leader in wireless charging technology and has found that the solution to range anxiety isn’t putting bigger batteries into cars that can hold more charge.

It’s letting the charging infrastructure itself contribute to extending the driving range of vehicles.

“The battery is certainly a big chunk of the cost of an EV, if we can see this happening with cars, have smaller batteries which cost less, can bring price of EV’s down, probably quicker than we would have done, and deliver wireless charging, a little and often, rather than having to fill the whole thing up for hours,” he said.