8 News Now/Emerson College poll shows most Nevadans say more water should be conserved

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Seven out of 10 Nevadans believe more needs to be done to conserve water, according to a new 8 News Now/Emerson College poll.

The western United States has been in a drought for several years. In Nevada, Lake Mead which supplies water to Southern Nevada, is seeing its highest level in more than five years. The current water level is 1,095 feet due to conservation efforts and an above-average snowpack.

The poll asked 425 people their views on water usage and 71% said Southern Nevada needs to conserve more water while 29% said the right amount of water is currently being used.

The educational level of the respondents showed that people with a post-graduate degree or higher were the most concerned (75.6%) with the need to conserve more water. People with high school or less and college graduates were nearly equal with their support for conserving more water (68%).


What is your age range? * Which of these statements best reflects your views on water usage in Southern Nevada?

8 News Now/Emerson College Poll 2020

When it came to age, those in the 50 – 64 age group were the most supportive (79%) for conserving more water. The least concerned age group was those 65 or older. Even so, 61.3% believe more water should be conserved and 38.7% believe the right amount is currently being used.

The statewide survey took place on Feb. 19 and 20 just a few days prior to the Nevada Democratic caucus on Feb. 22.

VIEW: Crosstabulation for the 8 News Now/Emerson College poll

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