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8 News Now/Emerson College poll: Nevadans weigh in on the impact of legalized recreational marijuana

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in January 2017 and it was for sale by July of that year.

The majority of people who responded to an 8 News Now/Emerson College poll, believe marijuana has no impact on whether people use other drugs more or less. According to the poll, 62.2% percent of respondents said there was no impact, 22.9% said it caused people to use other drugs less and 14.9% said it caused people to use other drugs more.

The poll also looked at gender when it came to this question and 54.7% of men said it had no impact compared to 68.6% of women.


Do you think the legalization of recreation marijuana in Nevada has made people more likely to use other drugs, has made people less likely to use other drugs or has not had an impact either way?

8 News Now/Emerson College Poll 2020

The poll showed that there was a higher percentage of people 65 years or older who said the legalization of recreational marijuana has made people use other drugs more while people 30 – 49 years old saw it as less of an issue. People from 18 – 29 years old had the biggest percentage when it came to believing legal marijuana made people less likely to use other drugs more.

VIEW: Crosstabulation for the 8 News Now/Emerson College poll

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