8 News NOW does ride along with NLV officer on Halloween night

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While everyone enjoyed Halloween Wednesday night, police officers were out patrolling the pavement. 

8 News Now did a ride along with Officer Lee Young of the North Las Vegas Police Department.  Our crew was right there with Officer Young as he stepped up to keep people safe this holiday. 

Officer Young showed our team first hand how the whole department works through the night. We watched him make a few traffic stops and respond to a disturbance call, but he mostly made a point to drive through neighborhoods and check on everyone. 

Officer Young said he always encourages people to keep an extra eye out for anyone walking through neighborhoods on nights like Halloween. He told 8 News Now a lot of times kids and adults will wear dark clothing or costumes, making them hard to spot. 

He said it’s important to have fun, but always be more aware any time after dark.  

“Definitely have a close eye on your kids and just kind of watch out,” Officer Young said. “There’s people out there doing bag snatching and just drunk, so just have your head on a swivel and keep a close eye on all other cars and people.”

Officer Young said he also sees a lot of people under the influence every year, whether it’s on foot or behind the wheel. 

He told 8 News Now it’s also possible to spot kids trick or treating until 11:00 p.m. or midnight on Halloween, so drivers should watch as they hit the roads throughout the late night hours. 

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