LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – One student’s heartfelt letter honoring Teacher Appreciation Day helped bring new life to a junior high school teacher’s lounge.

Each year, Walker Furniture in cooperation with the Clark County School District Community Engagement Office gives students in Southern Nevada an opportunity to win new furnishings for their school’s teachers’ lounge by writing a letter describing their favorite teacher.

Over 300 letters were received prior to Silvestri Junior High School being chosen as the winner, Walker Furniture stated in a release on Wednesday.

7th-grader Eliana Abramson’s letter was chosen after she wrote about how her teacher Ms. Amanda Knatz went above and beyond to motivate her students with fun activities and intriguing projects during the school year.

“She makes learning interesting, connects with us, and guarantees success for each and every one of her students,” Abramson’s shared in her letter. “Ms. Knatz has always had a personal connection with her students and has proven to prioritize their emotional and mental necessities.”

For her heartfelt letter, Abramson received $200 cash along with a certificate, and her teacher Ms. Knatz was awarded a $250 Walker Furniture gift certificate.

The furniture delivered to the teacher’s lounge included a sofa, loveseat, bookshelf, three pack of tables, a tree, artwork, table décor, and lamp.