LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — By the end of 2022, 72 pedestrians and 14 bicyclists were killed on Clark County roads, according to a state report.

The report from the Nevada Department of Public Safety through the end of the year shows that more than a third of the fatalities in Clark County involved pedestrians and people riding bicycles — 86 of the 246 total deaths. Because of the way the state tracks data, at least three pedestrian deaths that occurred in the first week of 2023 were included in the report.

Compared to 2021, pedestrian deaths increased in 2022 — up 10.7%. Bicyclist deaths increased by 180%, with only five deaths recorded in 2021.

Overall, the number of people who died in fatal crashes was up by 4.2% over 2021, even though the number of crashes was identical (246 both years).

Figures for the state overall showed a slight decrease (0.78%) in the number of people who died on the roads, dropping from 385 to 382.

A graphic provided by the state notes that the top contributing factors in the fatalities were impairment and speeding.

The alarming rate of bicyclist deaths has frustrated representatives of the cycling community.

8 News Now spoke to Rob Hutchinson of Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition in November, when the number of fatalities had already reached 11. “It’s beyond frustrating,” he said. “Because we work every day.”

Driver awareness is important, but Hutchinson also said wider, buffered bike lanes can save lives.

“It’s those kinds of things that slow people down,” he explained. “And if you have an accident, the chances for a fatality will be a lot slimmer.”

Motorcyclist deaths in Clark County declined in 2022, dropping by 10% to 54 for the year.

The report, released Monday, included data through Jan. 4. Since New Year’s Eve, at least three additional pedestrian deaths have been reported.